Below are some of the more common services I offer, along with price. This list is not exhaustive however. Please contact me should you wish to discuss specific needs at


All online coaching packages include an account on training peaks where your programs will be stored. Programs are usually written a week at a time ensuring that I maintain regular feedback with each athlete. There is no limit to the amount of contact via mail or phone that you can have with me – within reason!

BRONZE – £40 per calendar month. Ideal for first timers or for those who don’t want detailed feedback on each session. You will get detailed sessions for every day of the week, and feedback at the end of each week on progress.

SILVER – £70 per calendar month. This is the same as the bronze, but involves more interaction on my part. I will spend more time analysing sessions such as looking at power output on the bike and HR zones. This level is more suited to those looking for fast improvements, and those who rely on numbers for training sessions as opposed to feel.

GOLD – £100 per calendar month. Includes all of the above and a one hour sports massage session each month.

All clients receive a discount on the following services:

PHYSIOTHERAPY – £60 initial consultation (£50 client) and £45 per 45 mins follow up (£35 client).

SPORTS MASSAGE – £50 per hour (£40 client).

SWIM ANALYSIS – Please get in touch with requirements.

I can also travel to see you in your own home for a flat fee of £10 within a 5 mile radius of Putney. For greater distances please get in touch.

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