Toby Kolodynski

Ironman Switzerland – 13:45

My sporting life had always revolved around football until the age of eighteen. It was not until September 2013 that I decided to test myself and attempt a challenge that was both physically and mentally demanding. This is why I entered the Zurich Ironman. If I am honest I gave the thought all of five minutes before splashing the £500 on the entrance fee. Had I slept on the decision I probably would have talked myself out of entering the Zurich Ironman.

From the outset my mind was made up that I would employ a coach. The thought of juggling training and the research would have been too much of an ask, especially if you have a full time job and a group of friends that you intend to keep once the ten months is over. This is why I enquired about the services of Mike. My first impressions of the big man were very encouraging. Having done over ten events himself and trained with some of the pros it gave me great confidence. Not only this but Mike has this cool, calm persona which is something very invaluable. There were times, especially leading up to the event where I would worry about the smallest things, because let’s not forget the amount of resources and time you invest into the training can have a negative impact on your mind. The worry that a slight knock would endanger your ability to perform or an issue with the bike that would bring about a DNF can really eat away at you. This is why Mike was such an integral part of training because if I had chosen to do it all myself I doubt I would have been able to take in the whole experience with the fond memories that I have now.

Personally, I felt I could have done better in the event, Mike originally predicted a sub twelve hour finish but with it being my first Ironman there are so many things that can impact your time. For me, the main problem was the diet during the race. The sugars from all the drinks and energy bars which I was supplied did not go down well with my stomach. I don’t need to go into detail but let’s just say it was not pleasant. Together with the change in weather and my over zealous mentality I struggled on the run, which out of the three events was my strongest by far. This is why I have decided to do another Ironman, this time Barcelona 2015, with the help of Mike.

Toby Kolodynski

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