Steve Morris

The question of why work with a coach is often asked, lets face it there is plenty of advice available on the web these days, and in many respects it is easier to not work with one, after all that way you stay in complete control.

But what if you want to undertake something new, like a triathlon for example? What if you hate swimming, and in all honesty are a very poor swimmer? Could you trust someone to guide you through this challenge?

Well, the simple answer is yes, and that is exactly what Mike did for me. From the start I liked his approach. A meeting to discuss what I wanted to do, and no pressure to agree there and then, just a suggestion to think about it and contact him if I wanted to take him up on his services.

Throughout the last year, the guidance and advice I have received has been excellent, not just the training program, but more around helping me when my confidence in swimming dropped and I felt like quitting. The ability to understand my issue and then offer ways to look at it differently and make me realise it wasn’t a big thing, just something that needed attacking differently.

I completed not one but two sprint triathlons, both with open water swims, several cycle sportives and I beat my off-road 10k run time by around 5 minutes.

Due to the trust I have in Mike’s training methods, I have decided to undertake a bigger challenge in 2015, an ultra marathon. I have never run a marathon but I know I will get the right advice and as long as I follow the program I know I will give myself the best chance of success.

I am not or am ever going to be an elite athlete, I’m too old, have a proper job etc but what working with Mike does, is allow me to get the most from the ability and give me the confidence to take on challenges I may not otherwise thought possible.


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