Greg Krawczyk

Great Britain – Duathlon World Championships 2014

My season started in November 2013 after a bad season previously trying to qualify for the sprint triathlon world championships. The 2012/13 season was marred by injury so I was keen to get something out of the 2014 season. The year started with one goal in mind, qualifying for the 2014 Duathlon sprint world championships in June. My season started without much direction until someone recommended Mike, although a long distance specialist I felt he had the skills, knowledge and experience to help me realise this dream.

The season started well with some good / hard sessions to blow out the cobwebs, until that is I went skiing for the first time where I injured my knee late Jan, just under two months before the qualifiers. Mike was instrumental in getting me through this period as quickly as possible and in the best shape. I qualified, somehow, my first hard session after the injury was the first qualifier, I scrapped through. Two months of v. hard training later and we had the worlds, Mike had given me a lot of support in preparation of the race and I was in the best shape possible. The race went very well and I smoked a few guys who had beaten me in the qualifiers so I was very happy with my results. I would happily work with Mike again and would recommend him to others.


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