About Me

I grew up with sports, whether it was kicking a football around, playing rugby, swimming, climbing trees, even a bit of gymnastics.

Then university happened. 4 years of partying too much, a bit of studying and weekly rugby games didn’t help my waistline. In 2000 I ran (read mostly walked) the London marathon in 5h 51 mins, and immediately thought, hey, I can do better than that.

This is where my passion for endurance events started. I finished my studies in 2001, but didn’t want to do just running races. A few years earlier I had seen a program on the Hawaii Ironman on transworld sports, and I decided to check this out. A seed was planted…

Fast forward to July 2002 and I was on the start line of my first ever triathlon – the Ironman in Austria. I had lost nearly 5 stone (30kgs) in weight over the two years since the London marathon, but had no idea what I was doing. Still, here I was, and the starters cannon went, and I was off. I finished that race on a wing and a prayer in a little over 14 hours, and I was hooked. As I ran down the finishing line in my rugby kit (yes I ran the marathon in my rugby shorts and socks) I was already planning how I could get back for more.

And so it started.

Fast forward again to 2017 and I have completed 14 Ironmans, a few halves, a few marathons, duathlons, olympic distances and even the odd sprint. Having seen it on TV, I completed the Hawaii Ironman in 2003, and I have found a sport that has given me more than I could have hoped for. I have also enjoyed immensely passing this knowledge on to others who I have coached.

As I have grown as an athlete and a coach, I have gained a vast array of knowledge, and use this to ensure that you get the best from your precious training time. It’s not all about Ironman – I have helped people complete their first 5k, lose a few stone for a wedding or improve their swimming technique. I have coached masters swim squads, bootcamps, spin classes, running groups, club triathlon squads – intact, there is probably not much I haven’t experienced both as an athlete and coach.

My qualifications in no particular order:

NASM Level 2 and 3 advanced personal trainer
ITEC Level 3 sports massage
Chartered Physiotherapist (HPC registration number PH 99257)
Keiser Spin Instructor
Les Mills RPM Instructor
Pilates Level 1 Instructor
British Triathlon Level 1 Coach

The ethos of triperformance is and always was to provide professional guidance in an informal manner. Please get in touch to discuss any needs that you have, regardless of how big or small your dreams are!

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