The new Virb

So, I brought a Garmin Virb a few weeks back, and last weekend finally got the opportunity to get out there and test it out. All I can say is, wow. It is pretty awesome to be able to get great footage from the front of your bike, and the editing software is something pretty special too. Looking forward to some training days with my groups in the new year and getting some cool footage!

In the meantime, a couple of videos demonstrating what it can do. In essence, a bunch of blokes riding their bikes, but I am quite impressed with my video editing skills for a novice!

Getting Dropped but having a ball!

Now that off season is well and truly underway, it is time for many to go back to realising why they do the sport they do. Whether it is running, cycling, swimming or a mix of the three that we like to call triathlon, now is the time of year to forget about targets and just go out and enjoy being fit.

A couple of months ago I signed up with my local masters swim squad and have enjoyed being back in a squad environment, and strangely enough, have enjoyed getting obliterated by some incredibly fast national swimmers. I have also started back with the Dynamos, and again, have enjoyed going out in a pack and getting destroyed by some incredibly fast cyclists. I even ran a marathon a couple of weekends ago because I could, and it was fun. Needless to say, I didn’t see the Kenyans that day who were in the shower by the time I hit halfway!

The point is that we get so focused on hitting this wattage and running at that speed that we quite often forget the reasons we got into all this in the first place. Training becomes a chore and not an enjoyable pastime. For those that I coach, I encourage a bit of a looser structure at this time of the year before we start back into it all shortly, and I think that this is as important as that big key session a few weeks out from an A race.

Get out and get dropped on that ride. It’ll give you the hunger to come back stronger next season!