Another season comes to an end

It’s a rainy October afternoon, and I am sat on my couch thinking about the highs and lows of this year. For both myself and those I coach, I believe we have had some great results, but also of course there is room for improvement.

For myself, I think with my big races of the year I didn’t back my fitness enough. I think I could have gone quicker – not much, but quicker none the less. I think there is a lesson to be learned in terms of pushing boundaries that sometimes we have to just let it all go, and if it goes wrong, well you gave it a shot. I think looking to my own performance, and where I want to get to next year (still chasing that elusive sub 10), I need to work on the mental aspects of long distance racing a bit more. I think I had the fitness to go 10:15 – 10:30 this year, but left it too late to open up and push. Still, I’ll take 11 hours on the dot and move on.

For my squad, I think that it has been an incredibly positive year. 3 new Ironmen have been born, all with cracking times. We had a new GB representative at duathlon, and others have steadily improved across the board. I will ask them to get some race reviews up as and when they get a minute in-between bar crawls, but well done to all!

Speaking of downtime, I think this is perhaps the most important aspect of this time of year. The temptation is to get carried away with what might be next year, and look to get back on the road too soon. Have a few weeks down, enjoy being able to get drunk on 2 pints of beer, and mentally recharge.

To 2015!